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Status on STICKY BALLS.  New Green Balls are in stock.  Polyform indicates we will have the new Red, Orange, and Yellow later this fall.  The sticky ball issue happens when the shell is damaged and the plasticizer leaks out as a sticky goo.  Polyform's chemical supplier changed something in the formula exacerbating the problem.  Polyform has worked feverishly to correct the issue.  Skier buoys are the bane and backbone of a slalom course.  Polyform buoys are the best out there.  What makes Polyform balls so special is they are a pliable plasticizer that is protected by a UV coated shell.  This is also what has facilitated the sticky ball issue.  All Polyform balls are warrantied for 1 year.   If they get sticky, let us know.      

 2016/17 Vacation Shipping Schedule.   Winter Break Shut Down Dec 29-Jan 5.   Thanks for letting our team take some time off.  


We have Z-Box and StarGazer Upgrade Combo Packages.  Check out the links to the left.

As aways, we have exclusive pricing waterski club members.  Just log into the club member store.  Our Club Member store is indexed to email addresses.  If your email does not get you in, please register via link.  Any problems, just let us know.

You asked for them, and we found a way to bring Foam Boat Guides back.  Spongex has been sold several times and no longer makes the foam boat guides.  We have located a manufacturer here in the U.S.A. that is making yellow and green "Spongex Style" boat guides for us. They are the same material and size as the old Spongex guides.  Tough as nails.  We offer them in boxes of 4 or 10.

Max founded Skier to Skier in 1991 in an attempt to help skiers like you and me get fair prices and practical knowledge on some of the more difficult ski items.  Skier to Skier's product line has changed over the years, but the basic concept has not changed:  Real skiers helping skiers. 

With over 6000 customers on our customer list, Skier to Skier must be doing something right.  Our goal is to focus on offering the best products in the industry (not the cheapest but the best).  We are a full stocking dealer of everything we sell.  And..... we keep replacement parts on the shelf.  The best way to get prices is to click on the price list button.  Our contracts with our vendors all have "minimum advertised pricing" clauses.  So click on the price list button, and we will send you a current price list.


Polyform Balls and Boat Guides


Every year, our Polyform sales go up.  If you ask our skiers, Polyform makes the best ball and inflatable boat guide -- bar none.  And....... when you consider our free shipping on many orders, you can buy the best skier ball for less money than the cheap import stuff. . 




Heavy Duty Plastic Clips with Latch.

Will work under the turn ball.  Also has an adjuster built into the clip for latex tubing or nylon rope.  These clips normally retail at over $3.79 each.  Our club price is $17.87 for a bag of 15.  Just click the order button to order online.




We have the best slalom balls and inflatable boat guides you can buy!

Course supplies including stainless hardware, rope, subs, clips.
New video and photo instructions.  Including the Economy Concrete Form for making bottom anchors.  We also provide stainless cable and chain for cross cable course installation.

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Our pledge to you:   We will treat you fairly and honestly.  Our business is built largely on repeat customers and referrals.  We know our products.  We know skiing.  Come on in and look around.  Check out all the pictures of PerfectPass installs, magnets, course set ups, etc.