Polyform Boat Guide Green S-1-G

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Polyform Slalom Boat Guide #218-S1G

  • Eye diameter is 1/2".
  • The adaptable S Series buoy is an excellent choice for multipurpose applications. The buoy works well for use as a fender, mooring buoy for small boats and jet skis, or as a small marker buoy.  Its multi purpose design and compact size is perfect when storage space is limited. The S Series' elongated shape allows it to sit higher in the water than an ordinary round buoy. Replace the "bleach bottle" when small pot and trap fishing with a durable, distinctly visible marker buoy. Water sport associations and competition enthusiasts combine the S-1 "boat guide" with the Polyform WS-1 Slalom Buoy as a complete course-marker package. For high-performance or leisure water sports, choose the versatile S Series buoy for your small fender and buoy needs.
  • Small mooring or marking buoy
  • AWSA approved boat guide marker.
  • Polyform products have a special valve designed to handle the extreme pressure boat fenders can experience, it's important to follow these instructions to get the most out of your Polyform products.
  • Our buoys and boat fenders are designed to be inflated to 2.1 lbs/0,15 bar of pressure.
  • When inflating without a pressure gauge, fill the buoy or fender until the walls are fully expanded, but make certain you can depress the wall at least 1/4 inch with light hand pressure, or measure the circumference and compare it with the inflation chart for proper pressure.
  • Over inflation will reduce the performance of the product and may cause premature failure.
  • Over inflation voids the warranty.
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