Skier to Skier builds the best magnet in the industry.  Our magnets are high quality magnets designed to provide exacting timing tolerances.  Skier to Skier is the number one supplier of magnets for slalom and jump courses around the world - we have shipped to over 33 different countries!  Our magnets are used at many ski schools around the world, sold by all the major dealers, and have been used in numerous high profile record tournaments including the U.S Open, the WaterSki Pro Tour, US Nationals, Regionals, and the World Championships!  We support the industry and give to USA WaterSki.  Don't be fooled by some guy working out of his garage that says a 1.2 pound magnet will work for all systems - that is a very little bitty magnet.  We are the largest supplier of magnets in the water ski industry.

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