max 247

Hi Folks, Max here.......

We get it.  People want to talk to real people.  We want that too. 

Our pricing model is designed around the simple component of realized savings by using the web rather than people to take and automate the order process.  We are trying to walk a fine line between capturing the cost savings of email and web yet being real and human with a desire to take care of our customers.  Here is how we prioritize email and phone call return: 

1. Technical support emails for products we have sold are returned first. 

2. Technical support phone calls on products we have sold are returned second.

3.  Emails on sales questions get third priority. 

4. Calls with sales questions and/or order are returned fourth.  Remember, all orders done by phone or orders with phone time pre-sales questions get nipped that extra shipping cost.  Not trying to be mean -- just real and fair to those who use the email first routine.   

5. Technical support emails on items we did not sell.  We do our best to respond to every email.

6. Technical support phone calls on items we did not sell. 

7. Telemarketer calls -- well..... the day simply ain't long enough to return those calls :-)


Here's the Info:
For tech support email:
For questions on sales email:
For complaints or problems email:

Our Phone is: 877-603-8277